The Digital Macroeconomy

PUBLIC FIRMS Click for details

Where are the leading public tech firms today?

  • U.S. remains the worldwide leader
  • European players are declining
  • High tech intensity in Asia
  • Rapid growth in Chinese markets
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Where are top challengers to established firms?

  • Exponential growth in last five years globally
  • Silicon Valley is still the top market
  • But Beijing has become clear #2
  • Other EMs only recently becoming active
DATA FLOWS Click for details

How do data flows compare to goods and services trade?

  • LatAm, ANZ have strong ties to U.S.
  • ME, Africa more closely linked with Europe
  • Relatively high volume of U.S.-EU data flows
  • Overall balance of power moving north + west
VC FUNDING Click for details

Venture backing is vital for many digital firms to grow:

  • U.S. is largest source and destination
  • Rising share of funds going to China, India
  • Asia becoming more self-reliant for funding
  • U.S. is still dominant provider in LAMR, India